Simbiosi 1.5 Multi-Mode Delay

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Multi-Mode Delay for Ableton Live 10 (10.1.41) and 11

Version 1.5 (If you've purchased a previous release, please write to us at and share the details of the transaction, then you'll be entitled to a free download)

Composers, producers, musicians, sound designers, and sound artists,

meet Simbiosi, the first Culto M4L Device for Ableton Live, working on Windows and OSX.

Simbiosi is a multi-channel, multi-mode delay plug-in whose audio engine is made entirely in gen~. Simbiosi is more than just a multi-effect: it consists of a single algorithm able to perform multiple delay-based effects, not least many results in-between all of these.

Culto aimed to provide every user with a robust and versatile processor, which could help them create an incredibly wide range of sound processes. These would have to cover a large spectrum from pro-quality standard effects such as delay, flanger, chorus, tremolo, vibrato, and comb filters to complex drones, cinematic textures, and evolving soundscapes.

All these things inside a single device? Yes. Thanks to a handy interface and the algorithm underneath, featuring about:

• 5 filters,

• 10 full-range delay lines starting from 0.2 ms up to 5 seconds,

• 16 phase-locked waveshaping LFOs with various shapes like sine, triangle-like waves, distortions, and downsampled pseudo-random number generators
• 2-voice MIDI receiver to modulate the delay lines with a MIDI notes sequence,

all set in a configuration in the middle between industry-standard effects and forward-looking processors.

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Simbiosi - M4L Device for Ableton Live

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Simbiosi 1.5 Multi-Mode Delay

4 ratings
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